Seasonal Fundraiser-Christmas Cheer!

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DSC02853Youth Exploration Program


Fundraiser December 2014

 HEI, Holistic Education Institute


HEI, Holistic Education Institute with the mission: To develop and empower Total Persons that desire to live complete, wholesome, creative and successful lives!


HEI Exists to empower others to live wholesome lives.  In the year 2013-2014 the NPO was able to offer employment to at least 50-75 individuals.  The organization was able to inspire, mentor and offer internship to a diverse group of individuals that includes areas such as Sociology, Economics, Teaching, Music, Business, Psychology, Social Justice, Law, among other majors.


HEI was able to offer Empowerment and Life Skills Education to at least 3,000 young adults in Summer 2014.  To date since the Organization’s existence we have impacted at  least 3,000 individuals with Empowerment and Life Skills workshop in multiple setting such as After School Programs, Summer Camp/School, as well as in the Homeless Community.


We call to you for help and support.  Join us to positively impact more of our young adults that they can be ENCOURAGED, EMPOWERED AND MOTIVATED in their journeys to becoming adults and good citizens.  With your donation of any amount we will be able to offer more sessions to groups of individuals for free, and we will be able to extend their involvement for a longer period of time – a stronger impact!


HEI also wants to start it first Scholarship Fund; supporting our young adults with a $500 once a year scholarship awarded to the yearly winner.