Networking In 2015

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What are your thoughts on NETWORKING?


As stated in the book, NETWORKING should be purposeful.  Everywhere and anywhere that you are visiting intentionally should have a purpose.  What are you expecting to get out of YOUR INVOLVEMENT OR YOUR APPEARANCE?

 Networking Strategies

 Let US discuss the below tips…what are your thoughts and experiences!


  1. Make the time for networking. Even if it is only an hour a week, it is an hour that keeps you on the radar. This is important because should a good opportunity arise, you may be told about a role before it goes to press. Think of the advantage you will have.
  2. Think about the people you are connecting to. Are they at a higher level than you, the same, or below? What do you know about them and what’s important in their lives? What are their industries? When you look at networking in this light, you can see that certain people are going to be key to your career success. This is the “beginnings” of a networking strategy.
  3. What are you bringing to the party? As well as determining what others can offer you, think about what you can offer them. The more you can offer, the more others will want to network with you. Networking is a two way street and it is important to realize that. Remember networking is a little like a party, so do not talk exclusively about yourself. People that do this tend to come across as boastful, possibly boring. You do not want to be one of these people.

- Izzy Lewis, Author



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