Our Story

After serving as Board of Directors for multiple Non for Profits, Phillip Andrews and Izzy Lewis came to the realization that there is a better way to address some of the community’s concerns pertaining to K-12 education, by being part of the system and proposed new solutions. Thus, in February of 2013 they created the Holistic Education Institute (HEI).

The founders of Holistic Education Institute experienced firsthand from students and members of our community how limited and restricted the current education system is. As frequent participants and speakers at seminars, workshops, training sessions, and round table discussions they were able to deduct and derive new solutions that now make available to their own audiences. The new solutions can be grouped into three categories:

  1. The first category pertains to the approach of delivering knowledge and learning. The difference can be summed up in this table:

    Traditional Approach HEI Approach
    Authoritative style Participatory style
    Typically one sided delivery; restricted discussions Interactive; encouraging a dialogue
    Attitude is students have no knowledge Attitude is students are young adults
  2. The second category pertains to content:

    Traditional Content HEI Content
    Follow the established curriculum because the ISD knows best Follow personalized Knowledge Maps developed by the students themselves
    Learning a particular topic is treated as an event Continuous and lifelong learning is the right mentality
    Sticking to the approved content Storytelling (wherever possible). Offering personal stories and anecdotes that spice up learning and extend knowledge retention
  3. The third topic is the environment (incl. tools and technologies):

    Traditional Environment HEI Environment
    Very few technologies are used All technologies and media are available to teach courses
    Classroom environment is usually sterile and austere Improve the environment with posters, flowers, fascinating PPT “shows” and guest speakers
    Catatonic atmosphere Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

The Institute was birthed not only to elucidate and empower, but also to give its audience a forum and a chance to speak out about their fears, feelings, issues, and concerns, while at the same time offer ongoing support outside the classroom.

Ms. Lewis shares her story of once being very driven, motivated, seeking answers and support when she could not find any from her close ones including her spouse. Ms. Lewis now motivates others that often don’t get that encouragement from close ones. She is often shares how important it is to be grateful for resources, experienced individuals and life experiences that open doors for second chances; the answers that needed to press on to future goals. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree at the age of 23, got married shortly after, and lived a life for ten years being empty and still. She explains that she did not know who she was and what her purpose was because she was stuck and looking in the wrong places for answers. After listening to motivated individuals, reading books, joining groups and engaging in seminars, Ms. Lewis today has pressed on and achieved an MBA, minor in Human Resources. She is currently considering a PhD in Public Policy and Administration to effectively and efficiently advocate for change that positively impacts individuals and communities.

Mr. Andrews shares his stories from escaping a depressive and distressing environment in his country that was ravaged by World War II and a civil war, coming to this country without any family or support, having to work 18 different jobs in order to finish college and eventually joining first class companies like Ford, Deere, IBM and GE. He has numerous stories to share with his audience practically on every topic that is offered by HEI.

It is worth mentioning that the Institute is created solely to advance learning and take its students to new levels of excellence. Traditional education breeds mediocrity and groupthink. The Institute promotes outside-the-box thinking that fuels creativity and innovation. Our country deserves the best brains that can deliver new solutions in a world that is running out of resources, energy, solutions and future.