August 2, 2013

Dear Izzy and Phil,

Thank you so much for your recent participation in our Community Life Classes here at CityWalk. Our residents benefited greatly from the discussion that you facilitated on the topics of “Motivating for Change” and “Cultural Diversity.” You were able to understand and meet the unique challenges of our population and took the time to make sessions interactive and person-centered. As a result, residents left the sessions knowing each other better and with new knowledge of important life skills topics.
We look forward to future collaboration with Holistic Educational Institute, and to continued benefit from your teaching experience.


Community Life Manager, MS, LPC-Intern

City Square



September, 2014

To HEI Management

My Experience HEI Intern Facilitator


Summer of 2014 was an awesome experience as Intern Facilitator for HEI, Holistic Education Institute.  Upon getting hired we were trained and got continuous coaching and support from Management in how to mentor the younger students in the Summer Program.


I most enjoyed that in addition to being a Market and Culture major at SMU, I was able to interact, inspire and help the younger children in learning, sharing, and becoming aware of Decision Making, Ways of Thinking among other subjects.  If I am able to, I would love to return next year for a great summer.


-          Intern Facilitator 2014