How HEI Can Assist You

Working With ISDs

  • HEI aspires to work closely with your staff to “build” total/holistic men and women, full of enthusiasm, zest and confidence. Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.
  • HEI can assist with lighting the fire to strengthen, empower and encourage students by complementing the efforts of a school’s professional resources and parents at home.
  • HEI wants to help students and parents for the long run.
  • HEI can become both the development and/or delivery mechanism for certain workshops

Working With Parents

  • HEI assists parents to make the right choices. Will help parents develop Knowledge Maps for their students that make sense for their needs, dreams, and aspirations in life. Please see HEI as a key enabling tool to achieve your and your children’s goals in life. These are life changing and life enriching workshops.

Working With Homeless Communities

  • HEI continues to work with Homeless Communities to encourage, empower and support their journey to recovery from a downfall.
  • HEI wants to continue to join forces with other Non for Profits to coordinate the missing links in getting this community “up” from a “down” situation.

Working With Ex Convicts

  • HEI assists Ex Convicts in every day knowledge and resources towards their next step after a fall.
  • HEI wants to help individuals with “how to think”; as well to build on their thought process by utilizing basic skills and discretion to acquire and conquer.