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Networking In 2015

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What are your thoughts on NETWORKING?   As stated in the book, NETWORKING should be purposeful.  Everywhere and anywhere that you are visiting intentionally should have a purpose.  What are you expecting to get out of YOUR INVOLVEMENT OR YOUR APPEARANCE?  Networking Strategies  Let US discuss the below tips…what are your thoughts and experiences!   Make the time for networking. Even if it is only an hour a week, it is an hour that keeps you on the radar. This is important because should a good opportunity arise, you may be told about a role before it goes to press. Think of the advantage you will have. Think about the people you are connecting to. Are they at a higher level than you, the same, or below? What do you know about them and what’s important in...

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Information You May Not Be Aware of – B12 Deficiency

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Let us talk about INTERESTING INFORMATION ON B12 DEFICIENCY… and its “hard to detect factors.  See video below…feel free to start a dialogue and/or comment.  

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Seasonal Fundraiser-Christmas Cheer!

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  Fundraiser December 2014  HEI, Holistic Education Institute   HEI, Holistic Education Institute with the mission: “To develop and empower Total Persons that desire to live complete, wholesome, creative and successful lives!”   HEI Exists to empower others to live wholesome lives.  In the year 2013-2014 the NPO was able to offer employment to at least 50-75 individuals.  The organization was able to inspire, mentor and offer internship to a diverse group of individuals that includes areas such as Sociology, Economics, Teaching, Music, Business, Psychology, Social Justice, Law, among other majors.   HEI was able to offer Empowerment and Life Skills Education to at least 3,000 young adults in Summer 2014.  To date since the Organization’s...

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HEI Newsletter June 2014

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HEI NEWSLETTER 1-June 13 NEWSLETTER tel: 877-773-7501 WHO ARE WE? Mission: “To develop and empower Total Persons that desire to live complete, wholesome, creative and successful lives!” HOW & WHY? HOW: We deliver interactive workshops to three (3) groups from the community: (1) the Youth, (2) Ex Convicts, (3) Homeless Community. Our goal is to empower, motivate and build self-esteem through topics such as CHARACTER BUILDING, LEADERSHIP, DECISION MAKING SKILLS, SELF RESPECT, among others. The Youth are under exposed to this; our goal is not to have a school/academic experience, but a FUN, EXPRESSIVE experience for the Youth (discussion approach) WHY: After research and observation we have discovered that the communities...

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Summer Involvement – The Youth, 2014

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HEI, Holistic Education Institute is calling all Corporations and Human Resource Representative to support the Youth with an opportunity this summer. One hundred plus young adults were trained and oriented to work for at least 2-3 days at your entity, and an opportunity to volunteer in the community for the other 2 days of the week. This opportunity will be paid by the Non for Profits involved, listed as AZAR, partnering with others including, not limited to HEI, Holistic Education Institute. Please send an email of inquiry of interest to We welcome your support and...

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