1. Will there be Online Workshops/Seminars?
    1. Not at this time. It is not an issue of money or time for getting it done. It is a matter of differentiation. Unlike other Institutions that cater to the masses and the revenue generated, the Holistic Education Institute (HEI) caters to the specific individuals attending its workshops. We strongly believe that discussions, debates and interactions are what set us apart. The delivery mechanism makes a huge difference in the level of understanding and appreciating a particular subject/topic. For example, anyone can download from the internet the subject of “Bullying” (there are even several free PowerPoint presentations). The value of our approach is to debate and analyze the key points and not to just offer a “core dump” of them. It is important for the participants to air their specific issues and concerns and get them addressed.
  2. Do workshop participants need “Knowledge Maps”?
    1. Normally “yes” because most people are eager to take more than one workshop. One will get maximum benefit from organizing the type of learning that they want to pursue. Please download the file of “Creating Your Own Knowledge Map” to understand how to create such a map. You will find a useful example there.
  3. How does HEI’s workshops compare with Continuous Education workshops at local Community Colleges?
    1. HEI’s workshops are normally one session that lasts one to three hours. Community Colleges follow the format of Universities with semesters and quarters that require several hours of in-class attendance, many hours of studying, homework, and tests. We believe this is one of the reasons why the current Education Systems are failing. Modern audiences do not have the time for all that.
  4. Who are the instructors and what credentials do they have?
    1. The list of instructors varies by location and by scheduled dates. Their names and credentials will be made available prior to workshop delivery date. HEI has in its staff current and ex-professors, teachers and principals. Moreover, HEI teams with other institutions that offer a variety of professionals that have expertise on particular subjects, such money management and child psychology.
  5. What are the locations for the workshops?
    1. They vary. HEI will deliver its workshops at its main location, the client’s preferred location, or 3rd party location (such as Whole Foods, Central Market, ABC Foundation).
  6. Is HEI an accredited institution?
    1. No, it is not because it does not offer certified courses that count towards degrees and diplomas.
  7. Will HEI “bucketize” its workshops by “Body”, “Mind” and “Soul”?
    1. Yes. As the HEI library becomes bigger and richer, it will be necessary to add new categories and classifications to make it easy for its audiences to find the right subjects quickly. HEI will add more tabs on its website and a search engine for obtaining the needed information quickly and effectively.
  8. Are there full seminars (with multiple sessions)?
    1. Yes, there are. We do offer spiritual and business workshops that are customized to the needs of particular clients. The workshops can be one to five days long.
  9. Are some of the workshops/seminars offered during weekends?
    1. Yes, there are. For spiritual seminars we will gladly offer them during weekends in special retreats and resorts that are conducive to spiritual experiences and awakening.