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Don’t let the negativity given to you by the world disempower you.  Instead give to yourself and others that which empowers you. Les Brown


1.       With your $15 donation, you are paying for one session (once a week, 4 sessions per child) of Interactive, Empowerment, and Realistic Discussion of Youth Involvement in an After School Setting or Summer Program covering Areas such as:

(a)    Leadership Building Skills

(b)   Character Building

(c)    Decision Making Skills

(d)   Self Respect

(e)   Critical Thinking Skills


2.       With any donation, you are contributing to HEI, Holistic Education Institute’s yearly $500 scholarship fund awarded to the winner of an Essay Writing Contest How Do I Plan to Live on Purpose and Achieve My Dreams Applicable to College Students only.

Empowerment is the process of enhancing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.

Feed where you are going, not where you have been; offer that opportunity to someone on their way.”  Izzy Lewis, MBA

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”  Les Brown


Thank you for your interest in supporting our Holistic Education programs! Your dollars will make a difference!

For every $15 you contribute, the Holistic Education Institute will help a student or adult enrich her/his skills and knowledge in a specific topic that will help both the individual and society at large. It is a win-win scenario for all involved. Educated students and total persons create better societies, powerful civilizations and new frontiers.