Workshops for Students and Young Adults

    1. A Whole New Mind
    2. Ambition
    3. Analytical Thinking
    4. Behavior and Social Change
    5. Brain Power
    6. Brain Rules (Improving Brain Power)
    7. Creative Thinking
    8. Creating Your Own Knowledge Map
    9. Critical Skills For Building Good Character
    10. Critical Thinking
    11. Dealing With Abuse and Neglect
    12. Dealing With One’s Personal Demons
    13. Decision Making
    14. Existing vs. Living Life
    15. Forgiving and Its Importance
    16. Goals (Setting & Pursuing)
    17. Improving Your Self Esteem
    18. Infectious Enthusiasm
    19. Interpersonal Skills
    20. Intolerance – The Poison Of Some People
    21. Leadership Skills For Life
    22. Motivating People To Change
    23. Multiculturalism – What It Is and Means
    24. Peer Pressure
    25. Perseverance
    26. Relationship Management
    27. Searching For A Purpose (Student Spirituality)
    28. Self-Management & Self-Control
    29. Self-Management – Part 1
    30. Self-Management – Part 2
    31. Seven Habits For Young Students
    32. Skills For Life (addressed in Life Skills)
    33. Social Media – Overview
    34. Social Media – Becoming Proficient
    35. Social Media – Facebook Basics
    36. Social Media – Social Networking and Your Job Search
    37. Socialization Process
    38. Soft Skills
    39. Teamwork and Team Building
    40. The 10 Most Important Decisions You Must Make Now
    41. The Facts Of Life (A Strong Dose Of Reality)
    42. Thinking Clearly and Clear Thinking
    43. Thinking Outside-The-Box
    44. What Is Your Personality and What It Means
    45. When To Ask For Or Seek Help
    46. Why “Go The Extra Mile”
    47. Character Building
    48. Decision Making Skills
    49. Critical Thinking
    50. Leadership & Character Building
    51. Self Respect
    52. Positive Thinking
    53. Leadership
    1. Behavior and Health
    2. Health Maintenance – The Right Foods and Drinks
    3. Health Maintenance – Holistic Healing
    4. Health Maintenance – Vitamins & Minerals
    5. Healing Toxic Thoughts
    6. Personal Hygiene
    7. Balancing Healthy Eating & Sleep Hygiene
    8. Eat & Live Healthy – Tips on Nutrition
    9. Effects of Exercise on Your Academics
    10. Healthy Eating Tips & Exercise
    11. Nutrition & Physical Activity
    12. Sleep Hygiene, Physical Activity & Body Image
    13. Staying Healthy & Avoiding Disease
    14. Tips for Healthy Eating & Exercise – Fruits and Vegetables
    15. Personal Hygiene & You
    16. School Stress
    17. What Causes Stress
    18. Health Maintenance
    19. Tips for Teens & Brain Health
    1. Bullying
    2. Career Planning Part 1
    3. Career Planning Part 2
    4. Career Planning Part 3
    5. Computer – Basic Skills
    6. Computer – Managing & Maintaining Your PC
    7. Computer – Basic Excel
    8. Computer – Advanced Excel
    9. Computer – Basic PowerPoint
    10. Computer – Advanced PowerPoint
    11. Computer – Word Basic
    12. Computer – Advanced Word
    13. Computer – Web & Email Basics
    14. Dress for Success
    15. Getting Ready for College
    16. How to Prepare a Resume
    17. Improving Your Grades
    18. Job Searching Do’s & Don’ts
    19. Keys To School Success
    20. Let’s Get College Ready – HS
    21. Let’s Get College Ready – MS
    22. Making Career Decisions
    23. Making Home A Place Of Learning
    24. Preparing For Graduation and Beyond
    25. Problem Solving – MS 1
    26. Problem Solving – MS 2
    27. Profession – Engineering
    28. Profession – Fire Fighter
    29. Profession – Information Technology
    30. Profession – Medical
    31. Profession – Nursing
    32. Profession – Police Officer
    33. Profession – Professional Sports
    34. Profession – Robots Robotics
    35. Profession – Teaching
    36. Profession – The Navy & Other Armed Forces
    37. Student Success Skills
    38. Study Skills and Techniques
    39. Success — Ways To Pursue It
    40. Successful Strategies to Promote Retention
    41. Transferable Skills
    42. Transitioning to High School
    1. Becoming a Good Citizen
    2. Cultural Diversity (addressed in Multiculturalism)
    3. Existing Vs. Living Life
    4. Finance – Tips For Teenagers (Recourse One Credit Union or Chase Bank)
    5. Finance – Funding College Education (Recourse One Credit Union or Chase Bank)
    6. Group Dynamics & Team Building
    7. How To Avoid Becoming a Misfit/Outcast in Society
    8. Mentoring (Working with Mentors)
    9. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
    10. Recycling –Why It Is A Must
    11. Understanding the Myers-Briggs Test
    12. Understanding The Brain
    13. Violence Against Women

Benefits For Students

  1. Become a Total Person that has knowledge and skills beyond the 3Rs.
    1. Know and improve one’s self.
    2. Develop the desired skillset for life.
    3. Understand what is available to you to improve the chances for success.
    4. Obtain valuable knowledge and wisdom to be a better person.
  2. Become a better student that will open more doors for you and improve your self-esteem.
  3. Make the right decisions re: College, Career Path, and Profession.
  4. Get solid advice re: adulthood, growing up, peer pressure, bullying and other important issues.
  5. Get ready for the real world. Understand the world as it really is. Schools tend to create an artificial world where family and societal issues are not properly addressed.

Important Notes

  • We highly recommend that all workshops are at least 90 mins long to allow for debates and discussions. However, we honor the 1-hr limit that most audiences demand.
  • Upon special request, HEI will hold workshops that are open to both parents and students – in order to promote a mutual understanding of the topic or issue being addressed.
  • Some workshops are split into parts (multiple sessions) due to their length. It is advisable to attend all sessions.
  • All HEI workshops utilize PowerPoint presentations, and videos (where applicable).
  • Hard copies will be issued at the time of the workshop.
  • The workshops can take place either at HEI’s facility, a school or any other suitable facility that the audience prefers.

Sample of Workshops that were selected by a Mega-Church in Dallas for their middle school students:

  1. Career Planning – Part 1 (Why College Education and Careers Matter)
  2. Getting Ready For College (Developing A Plan for Getting Into and Excelling In College)
  3. Improving Your Grades (Advice to Improve One’s Grades And Get The Most Out Of Schooling)
  4. Improving Self-Esteem (Advice to Improve Self- Confidence and Self-Assurance)
  5. Dressing For Success (Advice For “Opening Doors” and Advancing)
  6. Effective Presentations – Parts 1-6 (Advice for Making Great Presentations That Reinforce Self-Esteem, Improve Grades, and Prepare The Student For College and Beyond)

Additional Notes:

  • View the list of workshops and seminars as a menu. Choose from the menu the ones that are of interest to you and their sequence. It is smart to have some logic behind them (per your Knowledge Map). HEI personnel will help you form your Knowledge Map.
  • If a particular workshop/seminar that you would like to attend is not on the list, please let us know and we will create it within 72 hours. HEI has the subject matter experts to create and deliver the right topics for you!
  • Satisfaction is GUARANTEED or your money back!
The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. – Unknown